Wednesday 8 November 2017

5 Ways to Get WAY MORE Traffic to your YouTube Videos

Not getting as many views, subscribers and likes to your YouTube videos as you’d like?

Don't worry!!!! Don't worry!!!! Don't worry!!!!

Tips and tricks to make your video more popular

1. Load up Your Video Tags with Rich Keywords

The more keywords you place into your videos, the more opportunities it creates for people to find your video.

For example, if you a video about Digital marketing, and you use only the keyword “Digital Marketing”, then your video may appear when people search for that keyword but what if you inserted a network of related keywords like “Best Digital Marketing Service provider, Digital Marketing service in India, Digital Marketing tips”, Suddenly you open up a huge door that people can walk through to find your video.

2. Transcribe Your Videos and Post the Entire Transcript into Your Video Description

Always Use English language for your defult language of video description and you should use your local language in your description , by this the visitors can easily understand your description and you can get more traffic through this.

3. Reply to a Popular Video

You should reply to the other popular video of same category in the comment box with your youtube share link, by this the visitors of that video can see your video.

4. Insert Keywords into Your Video Titles

Always use keywords and brand name in your video titles. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, behind Google.

For example, if you a video about SEO service then Use "Get Best SEO service in affordable price at". By this your brand name also be popular.

5. Direct lots of links to your video

Most people think of external SEO as a way to boost rankings for pages on their own domain, but it also plays a huge role in page ranks for YouTube videos.

When you have lots of authority websites directing links to your YouTube videos, they rank higher for their keywords, which boosts visits to your website. From your website, people see more of your videos, which boosts the rankings of THOSE videos.